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Annual Events and Activities

Ureka  Challenge 2021

Our annual Ureka Challenge 2021 provides pre-challenge seed money of $100 to the accepted Clark student-owned businesses and social ventures to help them grow and flourish. The seed money belongs to the student business owner and can be used any way they see fit to grow their business. At the end of the Challenge, students present the outcome of the seed money investment to a panel of Clark alumni entrepreneurs for the opportunity to be awarded additional funds.


go ramen

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Student Initiatives

Clark Collective

The Clark Collective, located in the Clark Community Thrift Store, is a retail storefront open to Clark entrepreneurs and student-owned businesses to showcase and sell their products and services to Clark and surrounding communities. Participating in the Clark Collective provides Clark entrepreneurial students the opportunity to experience firsthand owning and operating a store.

mag pie

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Clark Community Thrift Store

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program supports the Clark Community Thrift Store (CCTS). The CCTS allows Clark students to participate in managing a small business through retail management. The CCTS is part of the Clark Collective and participants in on-campus popups.


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Student Clubs

Center for Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE) is a club that works with several campus staff, faculty, and students to operate a co-working space on campus to foster and promote innovation. TIE also supports students in Hack-a-thon and other innovation and entrepreneurial contests throughout the New England area.

TIE meeting

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Clark Entrepreneurship Club

This club aims to provide the resources for motivated, creative, and talented students to collaborate in fostering entrepreneurial activity on campus through entrepreneur speakers and business competitions.

cec 3


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Retro Food Truck Combi

The retro food truck joined the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program in the fall of 2021. Currently, the truck is used in E&I capstone course ENT264 Community-based Entrepreneurship. The truck will be used more widely in the fall of 2021.

food combi

Campus Resources

Small Business Development Center

The Small Business Development Center is located on Clark University’s campus and supports developing small businesses with workshops, resources, and other related business services.

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Contact Information

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

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