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New Logo for a New Name! Clark Tank Logos Announced

The Clark Tank Committee, Clark University School of Management, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program are proud to announce the winners of the Clark Tank logo design contest!

Last year Madeline Steigman won by a popular vote to rename Ureka to Clark Tank. And of course, a fitting logo is needed. This year the Clark Tank Committee challenged the Clark students to design a logo that captured the vision of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program’s quest to build the Clark Tank event into a nationally recognized event. Additionally, Clark Tank added new components such as app design and business plan competitions, so the ask was big.

The request for logo submissions, with a prize award of $500, was sent out in late January 2022 and the committee received 26 submissions by the deadline of February 17th! After review, the committee was split between a clean, universally understandable logo and a funky Clarkie looking logo. The committee was truly torn. On one hand, the committee is looking to brand Clark Tank and grow national awareness, but Clarkies are a particular bunch and funky is the word. What to do?

After much discussion and consideration, the committee decided two is better than one, and chose the universal logo as the official Clark Tank logo, but chose the Clarkie logo to represent the Clark Tankers of 2022 and added a prize award of $100! This was such an exciting concept that the committee decided to implement a yearly logo contest to represent the Clark Tank Clarkies of that year. Now a request for a Clark Tank year logo will go out every September to capture the essence of the Clark Tankers of that year! This representative logo will be put on all of that year’s Clark Tank swag!

Sean Christy ’22, Global Environmental Studies major with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation winning submission of the Clark Tank Official Logo

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I was excited to participate in the Clark Tank logo contest as I thought it was great way to express my creativity and skills as a self-taught designer.  The concept behind my design was trying to take the innovative and developmental properties of the entrepreneurship departments “Clark Tank” and provide a simple logo design. With that being said, I thought the rising graph in Clark red was a great way to convey my message – Sean Christy

Sasha Cohen ’25, co-owner of Safety Spray and 2022 Clark Tank Venture Development Participant winning submission of the Clark Tank 2022 logo

clark tank 2022 logo

I submitted a logo to the contest because I love entrepreneurship and graphic design and I felt like Clark Tank would be a perfect way to combine the two – Sasha Cohen

Next up, Clark Tank App Design Challenge finals are Monday, February 28th at 10 a.m. in JC102. Stop by for more Clark Tank fun.

by Teresa Quinn, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Manager