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crist and navee

Book Buying Made Easy with Student Entrepreneurs’ Book-EZ Business – Clark Tank Venture Development Participant Spot Light


What happens when two college friends decide college textbooks are too expensive? Start a book reselling business on campus, of course! The winning combination of  Chris Nguyen a management major and entrepreneurship minor, and Naveed Sattar a computer science major and management minor, did just that in the spring of 2021, they started Book-EZ!

Chris and Naveed’s entrepreneurial journey started when they each took an entrepreneurship class in the spring of 2021. Chris took ENT115 Entrepreneurship and Naveed took ENT105 Creating a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Clark University with Professor Teresa Quinn and they were hooked! Partnering outside of class, the two first thought about starting a textbook reselling business but it was mid-semester and the market was a bit cold. However, after attending their first Clark Collective pop-up on Red Square they realized reading for fun was alive and well. Many Clark students took up reading as a hobby during COVID and the pair thought they could help by providing books, which is how their small business, Book-EZ, came to be. Since starting Book-EZ at the beginning of 2021, the duo has sold over 140 books to the Clark community and their inventory currently exceeds 500 books!

Book-EZ sources their books from Clark students, faculty, staff, and anyone looking to get rid of their old books. Because they source their books right on Clark’s campus they can resell at super affordable prices – textbooks too! Customers can purchase books online or in-person every Friday from 3:30 to 5:00 pm on Red Square!

“We value our customers’ time and money. And we want to make books more affordable and available for the Clark community! We also want to provide a quick way for students to reach out to us without having the trouble of waiting for shipment or going off-campus to buy a book” – Chris Nguyen

Chris and Naveed are participants in  Clark Tank 2022 – Venture Development along with 34 other Clark students. You can show your support for Book-EZ’s Clark Tank journey by following their Instagram.

by Teresa Quinn, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Manager