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What We Leave: A Caretaker’s Guide to an Ill Planet

Ureka Challenge 2021 Participant, Jens Peterson, author of What We Leave: A Caretaker’s Guide to an Ill Planet, started his writing journey at the tender age of 15. He set out to find answers to three vital questions about our planet that anyone, no matter where they are from or how young or old they were, could understand. For three and a half years, Jens spent hundreds of hours researching, writing, and editing his book to answer these three questions: what does an ill planet mean? What exactly is causing this illness? And, most importantly, how can we take care of our planet? He met that goal in What We Leave.

Jens, a native of Vermont, did not initially consider himself a good writer as his dyslexia prevented him from reading until the age of 10. But, with much perseverance, Jens was recognized as a top English student in his high school, and a skilled writer. Which boosted his confidence and started him on his path to becoming an accomplished writer.

Before the publication of What We Leave, Jens appeared on a local Vermont Independent television station for a 45-minute segment on his upcoming book. Once at Clark University, Jens self-published his book in his first semester. Since then, Jens has sold 95 copies of his book and has garnered some impressive reviews including one from Jerry Greenfield – co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – “Jens’s simple and articulate discussion on climate change and its solutions is exactly what we need in this world of disinformation.”

Jens entered the Ureka Challenge 2021 to help him with book distribution. His book is now on Amazon though he is looking to reach environmental influencers and others interested in helping the planet to expand his readership. Jens is looking for additional mentorship and funding for distribution from the alumni and faculty judging panel at the Ureka Finals at Clark University on March 26th, 2021.

You can purchase a signed copy of What We Leave at the Ureka and Clark Collective’s Red Square Popup on March 17th from 1:30 pm-3:30 pm at Red Square.

You can also follow Jens and What We Leave on his Instagram page.

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Jens Peterson, author of What We Leave: A Caretaker’s Guide to an Ill Planet