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The Fridge at the Bridge – Worcester Free Fridge

Access to fresh and healthy foods, 24/7, no questions asked

Lucy Barrett, ’21, and founder of Worcester Free Fridge, is excited for Valentine’s Day, but maybe not in the traditional sense, however, still fully embracing love. On Sunday, February 14, at noon, you can find Lucy at The Bridge, 300 Southbridge Street, Worcester, next to Miss Worcester Diner celebrating the opening of Worcester Free Fridge’s first community fridge!

Lucy describes Worcester Free Fridge as mutual aid, and her research has found that informal systems of aid are most effective. Now more than ever, the need for aid in the form of food has brought about the notable addition of the free fridge concept across the country. Lucy has followed examples of other free fridges but added her spin to best reach the people of Worcester.

Lucy explains her spin of WFF as providing “outdoor community fridges and fills them with rescued local produce which is kept at the street level for 24/7 access, no questions asked. Our first fridge is outdoors on Southbridge Street in collaboration with El Salon and Save the Bridge. This project operates on the belief that food waste must be reduced, and that all people—especially folks from low-income and marginalized communities—deserve to access healthy, local produce in a dignified manner.”

Click here to find out more about Worcester Free Fridge and other community fridges in Worcester.

All financial donations are greatly appreciated to help cover costs.

You can also contact Lucy at