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dough is me

Dough Is Me

Tasty treats to the recuse!

Madeline Steigman ’24, Worcester local, and founder of  Dough is Me was featured on Spectrum News on January 16, 2020. The Spectrum News clip highlighted Madeline’s up and coming small business, which makes tasty homemade sweet treats for homesick college students! Spectrum found Madeline and Dough Is Me on her Instagram page and reached out for a story.  Spectrum News helped Madeline get the word out about her “welcome back” baskets that parents can purchase for their returning Clark student this spring semester.

Madeline started up her business in ENT105, Creating a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, with Professor Teresa Quinn, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program during the fall semester of 2020. After testing out a few of her entrepreneurial ideas in class, Madeline realized she loved to bake and decided to see how she could turn her love into a business. Madeline figured homemade treats could help her fellow college students deal with homesickness and isolation and Dough Is Me was born. Being a commuter, Madeline had access to a full kitchen and got down to business. Madeline decided to sell her tasty treats at the Clark Collective Red Square Pop-ups in October. A bit unsure on how it would all work at the pop-up, she was pleasantly surprised to sell out! After that day, Madeline and her tasty treats became a regular at the Wednesday pop-ups.

Now part of the Ureka Challenge 2021, Madeline hopes to impress the alumni judging panel on March 12, 2021. The Ureka judges are looking to award up to $5000 to successful small businesses.