Annual Alumni Day & Chowder Fest

Join us Wednesday, November 6, 2013 at 5:30 p.m.

Every year the English Department, in conjunction with Clark’s Alumni-In-Residence event, serves up hearty soups and clam chowder as part of an evening discussion with distinguished alumni who once studied English in our department. Information on our 2013 speakers is below.

Susan Munroe, B.A. '05, is a freelance writer from New Hampshire, now working as a river guide in southern Utah, with a passion for travel and a love for wild places. Since graduating from Clark with a B.A. in English, she has eschewed a mainstream career, choosing instead to support her writing and traveling life with a string of adventurous seasonal jobs. She's worked on vineyards in New Zealand, washed dishes in Antarctica, renovated cabins in Wyoming, run a hostel in Chile, fought fire in Utah, and written about it all along the way. During a recent trip to Chilean Patagonia to write about a controversial hydroelectric dam project, Susan met a local youth kayaking club whose passion for their home river inspired her and a friend to found Rios to Rivers, a kayaking exchange program that unites Chilean and US students to learn about the impact of dams on rivers. Her written work has been published in The Santiago Times, an online, English-language newspaper in Chile, on Canoe & Kayak Magazine's website, in the Utah Adventure Journal, and on FastCoExist.com.

Karina Holyoak Wood, M.A. '94. An experienced organizer, advocate and communications professional, Karina has honed her skills in diverse public policy issue areas including open government, urban planning, education reform, gun control, and arms control and disarmament. She has served as Director for Tobacco Free Rhode Island (formerly the Rhode Island Tobacco Control Network) since July 2012. Karina previously served as the founding executive director of Better Providence, a civic engagement and government transparency nonprofit; she co-founded and ran the Rhode Island is Ready statewide campaign for an equitable public education statewide funding formula in 2010; in recent years she conducted public relations and publicity work for local communications firms Cutler & Company and the Myranda Group; served as Sponsorship Manager for the Providence Sound Session music festivals in 2008 and 2007, and as Providence Coordinator for the 2006 National Congress for the New Urbanism; served as Campaign Manager for Cliff Wood's successful run for Providence City Council, Ward 2, in 2006. Karina also served as the founding Co-Chair of the Million Mom March (for gun safety) of RI, 2000-2006; and was the U.S. Organizer for the international Hague Appeal for Peace, Netherlands, 1999, the largest ever world peace conference. Karina serves on the board of the East Side Public Education Coalition of Providence, and is active in the Parent Teacher Organization at Nathan Bishop Middle School, Providence, where her two daughters attend school. She served recently as Vice-Chair of The City of Providence’s Open Providence Commission for Transparency and Accountability. Karina holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Sheffield University in her native England, and a Master's Degree in English Literature from Clark University.