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Undergraduate Research

Senior Honors Theses


Derek Luong (High Honors): Dihydrophilic Block Copolymers as Model Ion-conducting Polymers and Nanoparticle Templates

Will Trout (High Honors): Synthesis and Characterization of Stearyl Substituted Polymers for use as Solid-Solid Phase change Materials

Agnes Cheong (Honors): Inhibitory and Modification Studies on Lysyle Oxidate

Academic Spree Day and Fall Fest Presentations

Academic Spree Day (begun in 1991) and Fall Fest (begun in 2000) are two very popular annual events where students from every department get a chance to display and talk about their "fruits of labor" in the form of posters, papers, art work, etc.These events give students a chance to exhibit the work and/or research they have performed under the guidance of a faculty sponsor. Below is a list of our chemistry students who have participated in these events, and the titles of their research.


Blerina Cipi '13—Carbohydrate metabolism of Rhodobacter capsulatus and Rhodobacter Sphaeroides anarobically and arebically (sponsor: Professor Joseph Tang)

Sokheang Heng ' 13—Biofuel Pilot Program. (in collaboration with Suyanka Neupaney, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw

Clark Jackson '14—Structural and Magnetic Behavior of Bis (2-amino-5-S-pyridine)CuX2 Crystalline Compounds. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Yisrael Lattke '15 & Derek Luong '1
3—Synthesis of Cu20 Nanoparticles Using Dihydrophilic Block Copolymer Templates. (in collaboration with Xiaorui Chen, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil

Laura Migliaccio '14 & Kelli Stockmal '14—Synthesis and Application of Ion Receptors for Carbonate Ion-Selective Electrodes. (sponsors: Professor Christina McGraw and Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Kelli Stockmal '14—Effect of backbone polarity on Proton-conducting Ability of Trazole-Containing Polysiloxanes. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Barrett Schwarts '13—Tracer Monitored Titrations for Seawater Alkalinity Measurements. (sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Brooke Yasgur '14 & Geroge Carlson '14—Synthesis of an Anti-MRSA Compound. (in collaboration with Michael Reardon, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Charles Jakobsche)

Khaled Ahmed Omran '13—Bidentate Chelate to Transition Metals. (sponsor: Professor Fred Greenaway)


Bram Smith '13—Electrochemical Deposition of a PEDOT (PSS) Conducting Polymer Layer. (sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Trishna Sadhwani '13—Unconventional cirtrate synthesis in microbes. (in collaboration with Wanli Lu; sponsor: Professor Joseph Tang)

Yadana Khin '15 & Farrokh Zare '14—Extraction of Chlorosomes from Photosynthetic Bacteria. (sponsor: Professor Joseph Tang)

Katie Minnix '12—Ion-Selective-Electodes for Marine Applications. (sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Mahmoud Abdalrah-man '12—A New Family of Compounds-Copper (II) halide Complexes and salts of 3-halo-2-methylpyridines: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Behavior. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Rachel Rockwell '12—Carbonate-Selective Electrodes for Seawater. (sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Alexander Gale '12—Synthesis and Characterization of Two Tetrahalocuprates and Two Dihalocopper Compounds. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Stephanie Pudalov '13—Dissociation of Iodide (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Max Macrae '12 - Lithium Conductivity Studies of Sulfonate-substituted Linear Polyethyleniminie for Use in a Polyethylene glycol-based Solid Polymer Electrolyte. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Aaron Dewberry '12—Optimization and Catalytic Activity of Copper (I) Oxide nanocubes. (sponsors: Professor Luis Smith & Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Luke Witthoft '12—Niobium Oxide Nanoparticles Templated from Mesoporous Silica with Variable Pore Size (sponsor: Professor Luis Smith)

Hunter Gray '12—Synthesis of new monomerts to product face-segregated ion-conducting polymers. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Derel Luong '13—Synthesis of Proton Conducting Triazole-Functionalized Poly (methyl methacrylate) via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization. (in collaboration with Sean Chen, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Chris Legacy '12 -The Development of Hydroxide-Conducting Membranes for Anionic Fuel Cells. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)


Luke Nye '11—Structures of 1,6-bisphenyl-1,3,4,3-hexanetetrone Derivatives. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Khiem Nguyen '11—Structure Prediction of Lysyl Oxidate using Computational Methods. (sponsor: Professor Shuanghong Huo)

Mahmoud Abdalrahman '12—Crystal Structure and Magnetic properties of Copper coordination Compounds. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull

Alexander Gale '12—Synthesis of 2, 3-Dimethylpyridine and its Perdeuterated Form: Investigation in Structure and Magnetism. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

William Trout '13 & Christopher Quan '12—Triazole functionalized polysiloxanes as solid electrolytes for Dye Sensitized solar Cells. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Catherine Phillips '13 & William Trout '13—A Dangerous Misconception I: Climate Change Myths I. (sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Bobby Naughton '11 & Phillip Boglisch '12—A Dangerous Misconception II: Climate Change Myths II (sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Luke Witthoft '12—Synthesis of mesoporous Silica Films for Use as Hosts for Transition Metal Oxides. (sponsor: Professor Luis Smith)


Kathryn MacDowell '10—Limited Proteolysis and Circular Dichroism Studies of Amyloid-beta 42 Oligomerization. (sponsor:Professor Noel Lazo)

Samuel Sparks '10—Effects of the S20G Mutation on the Aggregation of Human Amylin. (sponsor:Professor Noel Lazo)


Johanna Finn '09— Mercury resistance and reduction by Shewanella algae BrY.(sponsor:Professor Healther Wiatrowski)

Susan Herringer '09— Synthesis, structure, and magnetic properties of bis(S-pyrazine)dihalocopper(II) [S=Cl or CN; halogen = Cl or Br].(sponsor:Professor Mark Turnbull)

David Carnevale '09—Mn(II) and Co(II) halide complexes with 2-amino-3-methylpyridinium and 2-amino-5-methylpyridinium. (sponsor:Professor Mark Turnbull)

Melissa Loving '09— Hard templating of inorganic oxides in a silicon oxide mesopore.(sponsor:Professor Luis Smith)

Kelley Shortsleeves '09— Chemistry of the 2-pyridone copper halide system.(sponsor:Professor Mark Turnbull)

Kristine Meador '10— Biophysical studies of a prostatic acidic phosphatase peptide associated with enhanced HIV transmission. (sponsor:Professor Noel Lazo)

Justin Conway '09— Sol-gel supported proton shuttles as proton exchange membranes for water-free hydrogen fuel cells. (in collaboration with Yan (Ricky) Meng, graduate student; sponsors:Professor Sergio Granados-Focil and Professor Luis Smith)


Underlined titles link to a Powerpoint presentation

Lincoln Muhoro '08— Biophysical studies of Collagen VII.(sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Stacy Lawrence '08 and Lincoln Muhoro '08— Biophysical studies of keratin peptides associated with Epidermolysis bullosa.(sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Susan Herringer '09—Deuteration: Preparation for neutron scattering studies.(sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Alexander Parent '08— Synthesis and characterization of bimetallic pyradinedicarboxylate complexes.(sponsors: Prof. Mark Turnbull and Professor Christopher Landee)

Kelley Shortsleeves '09— Transition metal complexes of dihaloaminopyridines: syntheses, crystal structures, and magnetic properties of [Cu(3,5-diCAP)2X2] and [Cu(3,5-diBAP)2X2].(sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Miranda Simon '08—On the effects of the S20G mutation on the folding and aggregation of the Islet amyloid polypeptide. (sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Salvatore Pezzella '09— Effects of a beta-glycine substitution in the folding nucleus of the Amyloid-beta protein.(sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

David Carnevale '09— Synthesis and analysis of 2,2'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridine coordination complexes.(sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Dmitry Merzon '09— Characterization of the Arabidopsis mitochondrial helicase.(sponsor: Professor Donald Crampton)

Fall Fest Presentations


Madeleine DeBrosse '14 - High Aspect Ratio Gold Nanorods Displayed Augmented Cellular Internalization and Surface Chemistry Mediated Cytotoxicity. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)


Clark Jackson '14 -GoodEd: Smart Sex Ed. (sponsor: Ernest Krygier)

Blaine McCarthy '15, Steinbrecher Fellow & Nick MacArthur '16 - Synthesis of Hydrazine-Functionalized Lysine: A Convenient Pathway to Modify Amino Acids for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Derek Luong '13, Leo Bayless-Hall '14, Xiaorui Chen, graduate student & Yisrael Lattke '15, (Donald J. Nelson Fellowship) (sponsors: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil & Professor Michael Boyer)

Laura Migliaccio '14- Effects of Ocean Acidification on Pteropods off the Coast of Washington. (sponsor: Professor Nina Nednarsek)

Kelli Stockmal ' 14 Polymeric Phase-Change Materials for Temperature Regulation. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Brooke Yasgur '14, George Carlson '14 - Synthesis of Anti-MRSA Dolabellane Alcohol (sponsor: Professor Charles Jakobsche)


Yisrael Lattke '15 & Aaron Dewberry '12—Particle Morphology Variation in the Synthesis of Copper Oxide Nanocubes. (sponsor: Professor Luis Smith)

Khaled Ahmed Shennara '13
—Metal Binding to Hydroxy Phenols. (sponsor: Professor Frederick Greenaway)

Ben Solomon '14—Structure and Magnetism of Copper Halide Complexes using Fluorinated Pyridines as Ligands. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Laura Migliaccio '14 & Kelli Stockmal '14
—Ionophore II Synthesis and Application Carbonate Ion-Selective Electrodes. (sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Kelli Stockmal '14 - Synthesis of Polarity-Controlled Copolymers for Ion-Selective Transport. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Ruth Forman '14—Synthesis and Magnetic Analysis of 5-TFMAP Copper Chloride/Bromide Complexes. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Bram Smith '13—Micro-sensor Fabrication for Measuring the Changing Carbon Chemistry of the Ocean. (sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Barrett Schwarts '13—Use the Tracer Monitored Titration (TMT) for Seawater Alkalinity Measurements. (sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Yadana Khin '15 & Trishna Sadhwani '13
- Trypsin Digestion of Cholorosomes Under Various Conditions. (sponsor: Professor Joseph Tang)

Madeleine DeBrosse '14
—Synthesis and Biocompatibility of High-Aspect-Ratio Gold Nanorods. (sponsor: Professor Saber Hussain)

Derek Luong '13—Diblock Copolymers as Model Self-Assembled Ion-Conducting Membranes and Chemical Nano-Reactors. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)


Stephanie Korunow '12—Synthesis and Structure of Substituted Pyrazine Copper Halide Ladders and Bi Bridged Chains. (Professor Mark Turnbull)

Aaron Dewberry '12—Synthesis and Analysis of Nanometer Scaled Niobium and Copper Oxides. (sponsor: Professor Luis Smith)

Alexander Gale '12
- Investigation of 5-SAP Copper Bromide/Chloride Magnets. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Veli Selmani '12—Ligand-Detected NMR Studies of Thioflavin T in the Presence of Insulin Fibrils. (in collaboration with Kevin J. Robbins & Gai Liu, graduate students; sponsor: Professor Noel Lazo)

Abhijit Srungavarapu '12
—Gene Delivery via Functionalized Poly(ethylene imine)-DNA Polyplexes. (in collaboration with Robert P Doyle, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Derek Luong '13—Synthesis of Proton Conducting Triazole Functionalized Polymethylacrylates via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization. (in collaboration with Sean Chen, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Rachel Rockwell '12—Polymer-based Carbonate Selective Electrodes. (in collaborationw ith Will Wei, graduate student; sponsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Katherine Minnix '12 -Ion-Selective Electrodes for Maine In-Situ Applications. (spronsor: Professor Christina McGraw)

Phillip Boglisch '12
—Synthesis of Quaternized 4,4'-Dibromobiphenyl 2,2'-Bisamine Deravatives as Monomers for Copper Catalyzed Polymerization. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Christopher Legacy '12—Synthesis of Ammonium Functionalized Polyphenylenes as Anion Exchange Membranes. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Hunter Gray '12—Synthesis of New Monomers to Produce Face-Segregated Ion-Conducting Polymers. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Kelli Stockmal '14—Effect of Backbone Polarity on the Proton Conducting Ability of Proton Conducting Polysiloxanes. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)


Laura Hedden '11— Designing Specific Substrates and Inhibitors of Lysyl Oxidase. (sponsor: Professor Frederick Greenaway)

Stephanie Korunow '12— Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties of Pyrazine-Copper Halide Ladders and Bi Bridged Chains. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Luke Nye '11— Synthesis of a Family of 1,6-bisphenyl-1,3,4,6-hexanetetrone Derivatives. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)

Christopher Quan '12— Iodide conducting polysiloxanes for dye sensitized solar cells. (sponsor: Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Veli Selmani '12— Copper-Pyrazine Linear Complexes: The Effect of Electron Density on Magnetic Exchange. (sponsor: Professor Mark Turnbull)


Veli Selmani '12— 2-Pyridone/pyrazine Complexes of Copper (II) Perchlorate:Effects of 2-pyridone Substitution on Pyrazine Mediated Magnetic Exchange. (sponsor:Professor Mark Turnbull)

Hui Yang '12—Synthesis and Characterization of RbLaNb207 and KLaNb207.(in collaboration with Ting Liu, graduate student; sponsor:Professor Luis Smith)

Samuel Sparks '10— 19F NMR and Mutational Studies of the Aggregation of the Islet Amyloid Polypeptide.(sponsor:Professor Noel Lazo)

Kathryn MacDowell '10— Limited Proteolysis and Circular Dichroism Studies of the Aggregation of the Amyloid-beta 42 Protein. (sponsor:Professor Noel Lazo)

Nicole Rogers '10—Structural Studies of the Wild-type and Dutch Amyloid-beta Proteins in the Presence of Model Membranes. (Sponsor:Professor Noel Lazo)

Abhijit Srungavarapu '12— Model Compound Study of Lithium Transport Through Polymeric Matrices:Towards Better Lithium-ion Batteries.(sponsor:Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Christopher Quan '12—Sol-gel Threaded Proton "Shuttles" as Proton Exchange Membranes for Hydrogen Fuel Cells.(in collaboration with Justin Conway, graduate student; sponsor:Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)


Susan Herringer '09— Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties of bis(3-amino-2-chloropyridinium) tetrahalocuprate (II) [halogen = Cl or Br].(sponsor:Professor Mark Turnbull)

Melissa Loving '09— Filling a Silica Mesopore with Water Soluble Precursors of LiLaTi03.(sponsor:Professor Luis Smith)

Di Dong '10— Structural Studies of Protofibrils from the Amyloid-beta Protein.(sponsor:Professor Noel Lazo)

Justin Conway '09— Sol-gel Supported Proton "shuttles" as Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells.(in collaboration with Robert P. Doyle, graduate student; sponsor:Professor Sergio Granados-Focil)

Ricky Lane '09— Isolation of a Prophage Helicase from Bacteroides Thetaiotaomicron.(sponsor:Professor Donald Crampton)