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Jonas Clark Hall - Clark University
October 15, 2012
In the developing world, social movements led by urban, rural and often indigenous people who are opposed to projects they regard as inappropriate and exploitative can be very effective, according to recently released (Oct. 10) findings based on research led by Anthony Bebbington, Higgins Professor of Environment and...
Jonas Clark Hall - Clark University
January 12, 2012
Rain gardens, e-transcripts, faculty transportation — even making the most of a severe October blizzard — were discussed in a public presentation by students who completed the course, The Sustainable University. Their research projects delved into issues and proposed solutions related to Clark's role in sustainable...
Jonas Clark Hall - Clark University
February 9, 2015
Flooding occurred in Waterford, Connecticut, during Hurricane Sandy, October 2012. (Maureen Fitzgerald/Town of Waterford)
Jonas Clark Hall - Clark University
August 15, 2014
"Prior to the infestation, our neighborhood was an area of beautiful tree lined streets. Shade was abundant and the neighborhood looked lovely. Now our area is barren and depressing." This is one Worcester resident's response to a survey question posed by student researchers at Clark University, who, for the past three...