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Photo Gallery

Videographer shooting video of Commencement 2020

We captured photos of this historic, unprecedented Commencement. To download an image, click on it, and then, on the new page, right click and select “Save Image As…” Alternatively, you can drag and drop the photo to your desktop.


2020 Commencement Speakers
The Commencement speakers 2020 stand behind their podiums as the virtual ceremony is about to begin.
Clark University trustee chair Ross Gilman
Ross Gillman ’81, chair of the Board of Trustees, urges graduates to “build upon your time at Clark and help to make our world, and each of the communities that you participate in, just a little bit better.”
Front view of President David Angel at Commencement 2020
“We dedicate this ceremony to you, our graduating students,” President David Angel tells the graduates. “We do so with joy in our hearts, a sense of awe for all you have accomplished during your time at Clark, and a passionate belief in the lives of purpose, curiosity, love and continued growth and learning that lie ahead of each and every one of you.”
Gino Dilorio
Professor Gino DiIorio, chair of the faculty, sees a silver lining in our current situation. “This tragedy reminded all of us of how special a place Clark is.”
Betsy Huang
“We are in a kind of new normal now. And we have equipped you with all that you need to write a better normal,” Betsy Huang, dean of the college, tells the Class of 2020.
Maha Akbar
Undergraduate student speaker Maha Akbar ’20 notes that “Clark’s magic is not contained in these brick walls but in the minds and hearts of the students who walk these halls.”
Yuko Aoyama
Yuko Aoyama, dean of research and graduate studies, reminds the graduates, “This year, in particular, reminds us that our individual actions matter, that our rights as voters matter, and that all of us, regardless of our specialization, matter most as collaborators.”
Simran Achpal
Graduate student speaker Simran Achpal, MSPC ’20, encourages fellow students to “seize every fleeting moment that unfolds before us.”
Clark Keys musical performance
The Clark Keys a cappella group performs “Show Me Love” as part of the virtual Commencement ceremony.
2020 Commencement speakers sitting
The Commencement speakers watch as the graduates’ names scroll across the screen in Tilton Hall.
2020 Commencement speakers seen through window
A view of the Commencement speakers through the windows of Tilton Hall.
David Angel in profile
President David Angel, who is retiring this June, prepares to approach the podium to deliver closing remarks.

Behind the Scenes at Rehearsal

Clark University chair

2020 Commencement rehearsal

2020 Commencement podiums

2020 Commencement live stream setup

2020 Commencement camera crew

David Angel speech rehearsal