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Check out the #ClarkTogether videos from students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and families.

Latest Picks

Repurposed: The Design and Re-design of Everyday Objects in Pandemic Living

What are the go-to pieces of furniture in your home during the quarantine, and why? Building on insights from her book on Modern Design, Kristina Wilson leads a conversation about function, comfort, and re-purposing domestic designs in the current Covid era.

ClarkTogether Summer Series: Sci-fi, Race, and the Radical Imagination

Stories of social disruption, restructuring, and transformation have long been at the heart of science fiction’s ways of radically re-imagining what ails us. Deans Esther Jones and Betsy Huang discuss what science fiction can teach us about surviving.

Ethan Lutz

Working as an EMT with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Ethan Lutz ’20  is responding to emergency calls to back up the New York Fire Department. Lutz is a political science major and biochemistry and molecular biology minor.

English Department Spring Fling

Students share readings at the English Department’s Spring Fling, which went virtual this year. The annual event celebrates student awards and the English Honor Society. This clip features readings and work by Alexis Dinkins ’20, Luke Pound ’22, Jimmy Jackson ’22, Danielle Black ’21, Ruth Fuller ’20, Hannah Ortiz ’23, and Mahi Taban ’21.

Summer Series: The Hard Work of Being Funny

Charles Gould ’07 takes you backstage, and then onstage where he earns his living as a stand-up comedian (he’s also an actor and writer). He’ll describe the sources of his material, reveal the secrets to constructing a good joke, and share the joys of making an audience laugh.

SPS Talks: How to Stay Motivated and Positive in Turbulent Times

David Hofstetter, an adjunct faculty member in Clark University’s Graduate School of Professional Studies (SPS), spoke as part of the SPS webinar series “Staying Effective in Uncertain Times.” These interactive webinars address organizational and personal leadership topics relevant in these stressful times.

Monica Sager podcast

Monica Sager ’21 presents a podcast for her hometown of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and asks residents how they’re dealing with the pandemic. Sager is majoring in journalism (self-designed) and psychology.

Professor Nathan Ahlgren

Using a 3D printer, Biology Professor Nathan Ahlgren shows how he’s making face shields for medical professionals.

What Just Happened: A Discussion About the 2020 Election

A virtual conversation between Clark faculty about the 2020 election. Political Science, Race studies, History, Law and Society, and Psychology professors discuss the outcomes.

McKayla Ball, Brenda Partida, Akeisha Latch dancing

Clark students Mckayla Ball ’21, Brenda Partida ’22, and Akeisha Latch ’22 share a dance across cyberspace. Ball is a management major; Partida, computer science; and Latch, English, with a creative writing minor.

Screen Studies Class' Trailer from 'Meridian'

“Meridian” is a production of Clark University’s Screen Studies Program, specifically the Genre Production Workshop (SCRN 209). A summary: Mara Malicky’s pristine reputation is threatened when her ASMR channel is hacked, and she finds herself forced to do her blackmailer’s bidding. It isn’t long until she realizes that more than just her reputation is on the line.

A Clark Family's Creative Collaboration

“This video is a Clark family collaboration,” says Jake Robert ’21. My mother, a faculty and staff member at Clark, wrote the poem; I produced the video; and my sister, Sadie Robert, an alum from the class of 2019, created the music. It’s called ‘Promise’ and illustrates how nature marches on to comfort us in uncertain times.”

Summer Series: Yoga and Meditation with Erica Beachy

Put everything else aside and let Erica Beachy, director of wellness education at Clark, lead you though 30 minutes of yoga and 15 minutes of meditation. Erica offers you an opportunity to explore avenues for relaxation, coping, and fitness that you can follow at home.

Miles W. Tuttle and Aurianna Tuttle

In celebration of National Siblings Day, Hawaii’s Miles W. Tuttle, an incoming MPA student at Clark, records a song for #ClarkTogether via video conference with his sister, Aurianna Tuttle (star of “A Night with Janis Joplin” on BroadwayHD), in New York City.