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About the Institute

Our Vision

A world where all adolescents and young adults are supported in developing the social and emotional skills they need to be successful in school and in life.

Our Mission

To innovate in the creation and delivery of behavioral health services responsive to the needs of adolescents, young adults and their families and communities.

Our Method

We are re-imagining an integrated behavioral health system for all adolescents and young adults. We will:

  • Provide all adolescents and young adults with high quality, evidence-based and culturally relevant behavioral health services.
  • Equip youth and families with accurate and comprehensive information on mental health, and the behavioral health services and resources available in their communities.
  • Support behavioral health practitioners by developing and delivering digital Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and behavioral health interventions that foster resiliency in youth.
  • Build capacity of educators and practitioners by offering online Certification Programs for state-of-the-art Social-Emotional Learning interventions.
  • Collaborate with others to maximize the reach and impact of our behavioral health care model (RelyOn) for adolescents and young adults.
  • Conduct cutting-edge research to advance new evidence and learning about meeting the behavioral health needs of adolescents and young adults, particular those of color.

Our Impact — The Next Five Years and Beyond

  • We will have increased global awareness, understanding and compassion for adolescents and young adults living with mental illness.
  • We will have created an integrated and responsive behavioral health system of care that promotes Social-Emotional Learning and fosters resiliency among adolescents and young adults, particularly among young men of color.
  • We will be recognized as the preferred provider of evidence-based behavioral health products and services that support the SEL and behavioral health needs of students, families, and educators.
William Mosakowski and wife Jane

Our Benefactors

William S. Mosakowski ’76 and Jane Mosakowski ’75

William Mosakowski ’76 is president and CEO of Public Consulting Group, a national leader in providing consulting services to state and local government that dramatically improve financial and operational performance.

Lee Gurel

Our Benefactor

Dr. Lee Gurel ’48

Dr. Lee Gurel ’48 is a generous and enthusiastic supporter of Clark and the Mosakowski Institute. Lee grew up in Worcester and went on to a distinguished career as a research psychologist.