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First Year Intensives (FYI)

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Clark’s first year experience may be quite different from that offered by other schools.

The transition to college requires an adjustment of academic routines. Students must adjust to new experiences including how to manage their times effectively and their new responsibilities as college students. In the process, a new identify develops as a result of exposure to new experiences, facts, and resources. Many during this stage struggle with specific identity questions based on gender, sexual orientation, race, cultural background or disability. Students also experience changes in interests, freedom from family pressures, and other factors that contribute to uncertainty about and changes in career choice.

Clark’s Task Force on Undergraduate Education  adopted a developmental model consisting of three phases:

  1. the transition phase;
  2. the growth and exploration phase; and
  3. the synthesis and demonstration phase.

First Year Intensive learning experiences target the first phase, but seek to lay the groundwork for the subsequent phases of educational development. These experiences serve as a model for other experiences in the other phases, and should be viewed as setting the stage for the continuum of impactful learning at Clark.

During the transition phase:First Year Intensives (FYI) can be one of three types:

  • Topic-focused
  • Introductory
  • Research-oriented

For a detailed explanation of each phase, please refer to the Undergraduate Academic Board (UAB) definitions of FYIS.

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