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Teacher Diversity Initiative

As part of the Adam Institute Teacher Diversity Initiative, the tuition rate for applicants from groups underrepresented in teaching accepted into the MAT program is 50%. Accepted students will be supported in an affinity group comprising educators of color from Adam Institute partner schools, MAT graduates, and others.

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Herschel Urban Teacher Scholarship

Thanks to a donor with a long-time interest in Clark’s partnership school work in the Main South neighborhood, especially University Park Campus School, the Herschel Scholarship is available annually on a competitive basis for a student from the Main South neighborhood of Worcester admitted to the MAT program, with priority otherwise given to a MAT candidate from a group underrepresented in teaching. Recipients commit to teaching in Main South or a similar setting upon graduation. We encourage eligible applicants to express their interest in this scholarship.

Adam Scholarship

One or more Adam scholarships to the MAT program are occasionally available. They are given on a competitive basis to successful applicants in any teaching field in the program. All applicants to the MAT program will automatically be considered for a full or partial scholarship. Scholarship recipients must commit to teaching in a high-need school district for at least two years after graduating from the program.

Noyce Graduate Stipend Program

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Prospective teachers in mathematics or the sciences (biology, chemistry, or physics) are eligible for Noyce Graduate Stipends. The Adam Institute and the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics at Clark have been awarded a Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship grant from the National Science Foundation to recruit, prepare, and sustain teachers in the sciences and mathematics.

Students selected as Noyce Scholars in the Master of Arts in Teaching program will be awarded a graduate stipend comparable to the cost of tuition. They will be paired with a partner-school teacher during a full-year teaching internship, and with other MATs in mathematics and the sciences. Post-graduation, Noyce scholars are eligible for support as a new teacher on a mathematics or science curriculum team organized by the Adam Institute as part of the Clark Science-Math Teaching and Education Partnership (C-STEP).

Noyce Scholarship Eligibility

Noyce scholars will be selected based on several criteria, with priority given to students from groups underrepresented in teaching, in particular people of color and people with disabilities, who demonstrate financial need:

  • Strong academic competence, as reflected in an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0
  • A commitment to teaching in a high-need school district for at least two years after completing the MAT program
  • An aptitude and affinity for teaching youth in a high-need setting, as demonstrated in volunteer or similar work with youth in community or classroom settings
  • A demonstrated commitment to work in collaboration with others in a cohort group and community of practice

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Adam Scholar and Noyce Scholar Commitment

All Adam and Noyce Scholars must commit to at least two years of teaching service in a high-need school district after graduation (within five years). “High-need” means at least one of the following:

  • A high percentage of individuals from families with incomes below the poverty line (such as Worcester);
  • A high percentage of secondary school teachers not teaching the content area in which they were trained to teach; or
  • A high teacher-turnover rate.
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