Campus life questions and answers

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Can I bring a car to campus? Even as a first-year student?

Yes. All students, including first-years, are allowed to bring cars to campus. Clark maintains an overnight parking garage on the corner of Downing and Florence streets, and students can purchase yearly permits for the garage from University Police. Parking is also available on the street, but is limited and can be problematic in the winter because of parking bans due to snow.

If I don’t have a car, will I still be able to get around?

Yes. It is not difficult to get around the neighborhood without a car. Many students depend on friends with cars, or they take advantage of Clark-provided transportation.

Is campus safe?

We understand that campus safety is a top concern for many families as they look at colleges, and Clark works very hard to educate our students and ensure their safety. Campus police officers are fully trained, equipped and empowered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In addition, we have an extensive "blue light" phone system across campus to ensure that students are never far away from a phone with a direct connection to the station. We provide services so that students don't have to walk alone at night, including several escort vans that will bring students anywhere in a quarter-mile radius around campus, as well as a foot-escort service, which will walk any student who requests it anywhere on campus. Campus officers have also completed training for campus-wide emergencies, and Clark has a campus-wide notification system to ensure that students, faculty and staff will be notified in a timely and efficient manner about any incidents or emergencies. Finally, University Police offers crime prevention programs throughout the year to educate students about safety and security on campus. Read more about University Police.

What clubs and organizations can I be a part of at Clark?

We have more than one hundred student organizations for you to be part of, from the student newspaper to Hillel. View a list of clubs and organizations.

How many activities does the average Clark student get involved with?

There really isn't an average number of activities that Clark students participate in. Some students join many groups and keep busy all the time, while others join just a few. Others find things to do in the Worcester community instead of, or in addition to, Clark clubs. Some choose to simply hang out with friends. With everything from arts groups to cultural organizations and club sports, there's a good chance you'll find something to pique your interest as well as Clark students to do it with. And if not, then feel free to start your own club!

Does Clark have Greek life?

No, Clark does not have any sororities or fraternities. The University has determined that students are better served by the numerous non-exclusive social and community-service oriented clubs and organizations that currently exist on campus.

What do Clark students do on the weekends? Do a lot of people go home?

Clark students have many options for how to spend their weekends. You can see what is currently going on by viewing Clark’s Events Calendar. With over 90 student clubs and organizations, there's usually some event, speaker or show to go to, often several in one weekend. Students can find plenty to do in Worcester as well, which is the second largest city in New England. Students do everything from shopping, going to the movies, or eating in one of the city’s excellent restaurants. Student Council also organizes trips to Boston and Providence on the weekend. While some students choose to go home every once in a while, most find that they have plenty to do on campus on the weekend.

Do I have to live on campus all four years?

No, you do not have to live on campus during your entire time at Clark. Students are required to live on campus as first-years and sophomores, but after that some students choose to move to off-campus apartments. Seventy-six percent of Clark students live on campus; most of the rest are living in apartments in the immediate neighborhood.

Is housing guaranteed for all four years?

Housing is guaranteed and required for your first two years. First-year students are assigned housing based upon answers to questions on the Housing Preferences Form provided at the time of admission. Residential Life and Housing handles the remaining housing assignments by seniority. Seniors have first choice of spaces, juniors second and sophomores (who are required to live on campus) third choice. The seniority system means that seniors and juniors who apply for housing on time and meet the right requirements are usually able to obtain on-campus housing.

What athletic options are offered at Clark?

Clark is a Division III school with 17 varsity sports offered. We also offer club and intramural sports and recreational activities for students who want to join a team, but may not be interested in varsity-level athletics. 

What is the meal plan like?

Clark Dining Services offers several meal plans for students to choose from. Most provide a set amount of meals per week, plus extra “Clark Dining Dollars” to supplement the meals. Students typically use the meals to eat in the cafeteria, which is buffet style with stations that offer everything from salad to pizza to hot entrees, plus options for vegan or vegetarian students. Dining Dollars are usually spent at The Bistro, which offers options like sandwiches, salads, sushi, grilled specials and snacks for students to eat in or take out. Visit Clark Dining Services to learn more about food options on campus.

Is it possible to have a computer in my room?

Yes, it is, and most students do. Students can bring either a laptop or a desktop. Every room in our residence halls is equipped with an Ethernet connection for each resident to connect to the Web.

Is Clark wireless?


Do I have to bring a computer to campus?

No, you don't have to bring a computer to campus. We have several computer labs around campus that are open for all Clark students to use.