Worcester Telegram & Gazette: ''geoEnvisioning' at Clark: Beautiful visions, complex predictions'

May 3, 2016

In Sunday's "ArtsWatch" section, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette featured Geography Professor J. Ronald Eastman's "geoEnvisioning" exhibit at Clark University.

Here is an excerpt:

"In an exhibition called 'geoEnvisioning,' work by J. Ronald Eastman, professor of geography, and his students shows the sheer beauty and scientific potential of images created using advanced computer techniques. The works look like fine abstract art but they actually are maps made using a sophisticated software system developed by Clark Labs at the university, of which Eastman is director.

"The maps don't just define the outlines of a particular area's geography, the height of a mountain range or the number of households with school-age children as of the last census. Instead of merely showing us where we are now, these new maps show us where we are headed.

"It takes some very advanced concepts to map the future outcomes of human endeavors. Computer software developed at Clark brings order to the avalanche of raw data available from earth-observing satellites and other inputs to suss out things like where the next gypsy moth outbreak is likely to occur or what areas probably will experience the greatest amount of new construction through 2050."