Worcester Business Journal Online: 'From Skyscope's founding to acquisition, an entrepreneurial oral history'

August 3, 2016

Sam Shepler '11, M.S.P.C. '12, Gabe Gerzon '11, M.S.P.C. '12, and Alex Dunn '11, M.B.A. '12 talk to the Worcester Business Journal Online about the founding of their media production company Skyscope in 2012 — and the company's recent acquisition by Matter Communication of Boston.

Below, an excerpt:

"DUNN: We realized that the tech market worked really well [for us] and then we kept going bigger, bigger, bigger and now we are working on a project for Google… People just trust us now that we have video and have names under our belt.

"SHEPLER: We all had been or became experts in our own areas, and we all shared a lot of the same values, which is so important to have.

"GERZON: One thing they don't tell you when you start a business that becomes successful is there is this quiet transition from doing the work all the time to managing the work … It's really difficult because, automation is the wrong word, but you want your brain in everyone else's so the aesthetic is the same and the quality is there."