What's next for Trang Nguyen '17

Clark senior reflects on her college experience, offers advice for international students in 'The Things That Matter' blog post
November 30, 2016
Trang Nguyen '17
Just three weeks after completing an internship with NERA Economic Consulting in San Francisco, Trang Nguyen received a job offer from the company.

With fall semester ending and graduation in the not-too-distant future, many seniors are asking themselves an all-important question: “What’s next?”

Fileona Dkhar ’17 examines what the question looks like for Trang Nguyen, an international student from Vietnam, in a blog post on The Things That Matter, published by the International Students and Scholars Office. Nguyen ’17, a mathematics and economics major who has received numerous academic awards and been involved in on-campus student organizations during her time at Clark, recently accepted a position at NERA Economic Consulting in San Francisco, California. Her offer came just three weeks after completing a summer internship there.

Here’s an excerpt from Dkhar’s question-and-answer session with Nguyen where she offers some advice for navigating the college experience:

“Talk to your professors. Talk to people at the LEEP Center. Tell them about your plans and ambitions. It takes a little bit of practice to send that introduction email and schedule an appointment, but I just LOVE it when I develop better relationship with professors. The more they know you, the more they know the right resources to help you succeed. For a Type A person like myself, conversations with them made me realize that I can always work at one thing at a time and everything will be alright.”

You can read more of Dkhar’s interview with Nguyen here.