Texas Standard: 'Dallas shelter offers a safe place for battered men'

October 10, 2016

The Texas Standard, a national daily news show, interviewed Denise Hines, research associate professor of psychology at Clark University, about male victims of domestic violence. Here, an excerpt:

" ...[T]here are very few experts in the field. Denise Hines teaches psychology at Clark University in Massachusetts.

" 'I would say there might be about 10 people who focus on male victims,' she says, 'in this country.'

"Hines specializes in the study of male survivors. In fact she’s the first person ever in the U.S. to receive a grant to study this dynamic, in which men are the targets of aggression and not the aggressors. Hines became passionate about the subject as an undergrad working at a hospital.

“ 'We had a lot of men burn victims,' Hines says. 'It would be an argument and the woman would grab a pot of boiling water or something near by and throw it on him – and it never seemed to be talked about as domestic violence.' ...

There is a general "belief that a man cannot be a domestic violence victim," she explains.

“ 'There’s very little that he can actively do to change the situation,' Hines says. 'He can’t fight her back. He can’t physically defend himself because then – he is the one that gets arrested if the police are called. He is in quite a bind because his abuser can really rely on these cultural stereotypes to further her abuse on him.' ”