Psychology Today: 'The Narcissism Epidemic and What We Can Do About It'

July 11, 2016

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett's work on emerging adulthood was mentioned in a recent post on Psychology Today's Psych Unseen blog. In the final installment of a three-post series, psychiatrist Joe Pierre draws upon Arnett's Clark Poll research in a discussion about competing theories on narcissism to determine if "we’re really living amidst an epidemic of narcissism and if so, what we might be able to do about it."

Here, an excerpt:

"Clark University psychologist Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, who proposed the term 'emerging adulthood' to describe the tendency of today’s 20-somethings to delay conventional adult roles of marriage, parenthood, and long-term careers, agrees. He theorizes that emerging adulthood is often misinterpreted by grumbling older generations as being selfish or narcissistic, whereas it may instead reflect a deeper search of identity and meaningful work along with greater optimism for the future than previous generations were able to enjoy."