New Books Network podcast: 'Robert Boatright: The Deregulatory Moment?'

July 12, 2016
Supreme Court Building

In a podcast for New Books Network, Robert Boatright, professor of political science at Clark and editor of "The Deregulatory Moment? A Comparative Perspective on Changing Campaign Finance Laws," talks about the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision, which opened the door to increased campaign spending by super PACs (political action committees).

"What we’ve seen over the past few elections is a series of shifts in what super PACs are capable of doing," he says. "What unites super PAC spending is it’s very ephemeral. You can form a group and then you can disband the group a little while later, which gives people who simply want to make a splash, want to be active in an individual campaign, the opportunity to do so without necessarily facing the consequences."

Boatright recently was appointed to the National Institute for Civil Discourse's Research Network.