#IfIWerePresident: Clark students share how they would improve the country

October 27, 2016
Students respond to the question "If I were president..."

What would you do if you were elected president of the United States? It’s a question many have likely considered, especially during the 2016 election. Clark University students are no exception.

If I were President

I recently polled students, whose responses ranged from funny to serious, touching to silly. Most importantly, their answers illustrated what issues are important to young adults. Students are concerned about climate change, race relations and the inability to repay college debt. They’re concerned whether the candidates can make a positive difference in the country, and they’re looking to elect someone who shares their goals.

What follows are students’ honest thoughts and wishes to make their country — and the world — a better place to live for all. You can view all of the responses in the Flickr set at right.