The Huffington Post: 'Cat Wars: The Moral Shame of Conservation'

October 17, 2016
Cat on a tree

In an article in The Huffington Post, William Lynn, an ethicist and a research scientist with Clark's George Perkins Marsh Institute, looks at the research and moral concerns of the book "Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer," which warns of the "dire threat of outdoor cats (feral and tame, owned and unowned)."

While the book's conclusion is that we need a war on cats "by any means necessary" to protect biodiversity, Lynn argues that "the core claim by conservationists that cats are an earth-killing machine" is incorrect.

" 'Cat Wars' and the perspective it represents is not only based on flawed science and without moral legitimacy. It is rooted in a worldview that trivializes the value of individual animal lives. This is the shame of traditional approaches to conservation and wildlife management — a preoccupation with killing our way back to biodiversity that is nothing but bloodsport writ large," he concludes.

"We can and ought to do far better."