The Hippo: 'The Money Game'

October 28, 2016

While the spotlight has been focused on the 2016 presidential election, New Hampshire's U.S. Senate race between incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte and her challenger Democrat Maggie Hassan has also been garnering attention. Clark University Political Science Professor Robert Boatright commented to The Hippo, a weekly publication in the Granite State, that the race has been one of the most expensive the state, and possibly the country, has ever seen thanks to outside funding from super PACs and other groups.

Here, two excerpts from the article:

"Robert Boatright, a professor of political science at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., has been following the money game closely. He said that by August, spending had already passed the $20 million mark. By mid-September it reached $50 million, and now, toward the end of October, it has exceeded $70 million, according to

" 'By the time the election’s over, this is going to be by far not only the most expensive election that New Hampshire has seen, but probably arguably among the four or five most expensive Senate elections the U.S. has seen … in terms of outside money,' Boatright said. [...]

"Some of the trends with spending for the presidential race are having some impact now on the Senate race. Boatright said Republican donors were holding back on giving to [Donald] Trump. Now that many are seeing his chances as a bad bet, they’re focusing on congressional races.

" '[Hillary] Clinton has a huge financial advantage over Trump. In terms of her own money, it’s been more like three to one,' Boatright said. 'Trump has not been effective at raising money. He’s not managed to motivate traditional Republican donors. People who contribute to super PACs have looked more and more at the Senate. So there’s a huge difference.' "