The Hill: 'Control of Supreme Court hangs in the balance this November'

September 8, 2016
Supreme Court Building

Mark C. Miller, professor of political science and director of the law and society program at Clark University, wrote a recent article for The Hill. In it, he discussed how voters are paying special attention to this year's presidential election because it will shape the future U.S. Supreme Court.

Here, an excerpt:

“This year's elections are different in many ways, among them the fact that our new president and Senate may have a potentially historic opportunity to reshape the Supreme Court. American voters care more than usual about the U.S. Supreme Court this election cycle, with good reason. Here's what's at stake for the Supreme Court with the upcoming election: The next U.S. president — either Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or Republican nominee Donald Trump — may hold the power to fill the seat left vacant when Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly earlier this year. ...

"With the noise of the election only growing louder as we march toward November, the issue of judicial appointments will remain a key deciding factor for voters as they deliberate their ballot choices this fall."