The Hill: 'Is the census doomed under Trump administration?'

July 7, 2017

Clark University Political Science Professor Robert Boatright recently wrote a blog post in The Hill titled, "Is the census doomed under Trump administration?"

Here, an excerpt:

"Amid all the craziness in the past month, you might be forgiven for failing to notice the May 9 resignation of Census Director John Thompson. Thompson stepped down without any explanation. Most media coverage of his resignation has revolved around Congress’s reluctance to increase funding for the census to the level Thompson would have liked.

"Yet, perhaps because everyone is just so agitated about everything right now, it is natural to tie the census in to anxieties about the meaning that the Trump presidency holds. Is it possible we just won’t count people this time around? Is there some sort of plan not to count certain kinds of people?

"Census politics have always been with us, and they have always served as a platform for American anxieties about social science, race, and the role of the federal government in our lives. It is, I think, important for us all to think about these conflicts in a reasoned way, and to shut out that little voice in our heads that keeps saying Trump, Trump, Trump ... ."