Clark Diarist explores more than just art with new major

Alli Jutras ’19 learns in and out of the classroom with Media, Culture and the Arts program
April 4, 2017
Alli Jutras

I am one of the first. Of what, you ask? One of Clark’s first eight majors in Media, Culture and the Arts, a new, interdisciplinary program introduced last semester where I focus on art as the center of my major while still immersing myself in other subjects.

After my first semester at Clark, I transferred to the Maine College of Art, but felt nervous about choosing a major that focused entirely on art. I didn’t want to sacrifice my love for English, science and history. I returned to Clark last fall when I realized a liberal arts education as a new MCA major would allow me to best combine my interests as an artist and creative writer.  

As an MCA major, I study two disciplines within the Visual and Performing Arts Department — I chose art history and studio art — while also exploring other subjects like physics and film studies. In classes for my major, I learn both media analysis and hands on practice as I discover topics relating to semiotics, modernity, and ideology in both the classroom and art studio.

My artwork has evolved from drawing and painting to exploring other mediums like radio journalism, 2D design, video production, and photography. I feel fortunate to engage in creative classes while also learning about critical theory and taking part in media production workshops where I combine my passion for studio art with history and analysis.

Clark’s student clubs and organizations also support my creativity. I love using my art, photography and technology skills with STIR, Clark’s art and culture magazine, to explain issues important to the on-campus and Worcester communities. Last semester, the magazine’s theme focused on “Sense,” and I wrote and designed pages titled “Sense of Style” and “Sense of Time” using collage. Being a member of a club geared towards my interests is such a rewarding experience. Not only do I get to hang out with and learn from talented and amazing artists and students, but I’m also able to pursue my interests outside the classroom.

I’m watching my skills grow and evolve along with the MCA program. And I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

When she isn’t in the art studio or working on STIR, Alli Jutras ’19 writes for Clark Diaries, a Tumblr blog snapshot of campus life, for Clark’s Undergraduate Admissions office. Look for her posts there and periodically on ClarkNow.