Chicago Tribune: 'Shout out: Taylor Miller, food activist'

September 21, 2016

Taylor Miller ’18, is a member of the on-campus club “Food Truth,” and actively works to promote the incorporation of sustainable food at Clark. A question and answer-style article in the Chicago Tribune highlights Miller's work this summer studying sustainable food on college campuses.

Here, an excerpt:

"After learning about the role food plays in society, Miller spent this summer using a grant to study the demands and struggles of incorporating sustainable food at colleges throughout the United States. Miller said she's now working on resource guide that will help student activists everywhere. ...

“Q: What are the barriers you found that prevent change?

"A: As with a lot of topics, there are a lot of people who express their desire for change, but then it's difficult to get them to sign a petition or attend a school committee meeting. Then on that side of it, there's an information gap from the corporation that doesn't want to share its plans. That usually results in us looking really unprepared when something does happen because we don't get the prep time that our school administrators get."