The Boston Globe: 'Zika-free Bermuda draws a new, younger crowd'

October 28, 2016

A recent report from The Boston Globe examines the rise of young adult visitors to Bermuda, a Zika-free island, and how officials there have taken a proactive approach to mosquito control for years. Clark University Biology Professor Todd Livdahl and his students travel biennially to Bermuda to conduct mosquito research, as island officials' methods and practices have created an ideal learning environment to study the insects.

Here, an excerpt from the article:

"Not only has Bermuda helped advise Caribbean countries on control efforts, it has also become a live laboratory for students at Clark University in Worcester, who visit the island biennially to conduct research experiments and study the island’s mosquito population.

" 'We’ve benefited a lot from the setting,' said Clark professor Todd Livdahl. 'We’ve helped them study the two types of mosquitoes, but they already have a smart, aggressive approach.' "