The Boston Globe: 'Program offers students credit for internships'

September 14, 2016

Students from Clark University, along with those from the University of New Hampshire, are participating in a new program from the College for Social Innovation, which allows them to receive academic credit for internships in the social service sector. An article in The Boston Globe highlights the program's benefits, specifically that students don't incur additional costs or delay their graduation, to receive hands-on experience.

Here, an excerpt:

"Cambridge resident and Clark sophomore Linda Mindaye, 19, who was born in Ethiopia, is interning at Citizen Schools. 'I didn’t want to take time off from school, but I wanted to find ways to get hands-on experience in a classroom and get credit for it,' she said. 'This program offers the middle ground of being in a classroom while staying in college and graduating on time' through an internship that emphasizes creative problem-solving in the social sector. ...

"Clark Provost Davis Baird said the college is rethinking its approach to education by putting more emphasis on experiences outside the classroom, and College for Social Innovation 'fits perfectly with that focus,' he added."