Turning High Risk into Great Art

Summer Willims

When theater audiences settle into their seats for a Company One production, they can expect something raw and risky and just this side of impossible. Summer L. Williams '01, M.A.Ed. '02, a co-founder of the award-winning Boston troupe, directs plays that lead audiences to the creative precipice and dares them to jump.

With Clark friends and colleagues, Williams co-founded Company One Theatre, created to expose audiences to edgy, independent-minded works they may never see elsewhere. The group is making an impression. The American Theatre Wing, the body that gives out the Tony Awards every year, has named Company One as one of the ten “most inspiring and innovative theatre companies on our national landscape.”

"If a play makes me scared or unsure or has me thinking I'll never be able to pull it off, that's the one I'll take on."

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