Message from the Alumni Association President

Leo-Velasquez Clark is an investment in our future My name is Leo Velasquez and this year I take over the Alumni Association president position from Shaké Sulikyan ‘01. For those of you who do not know me, I graduated from Clark University as part of the class of 1986 (to the younger alumni: yes, some of us got through college without the Internet or smart phones). I received my bachelor’s in geography and made my way into the world. I am currently a vice president with State Street Corporation, working within their Information Technology division. I would like to mention that my daughter is starting at Clark this year, and watching her go through the admissions process and become an official member of the class of 2018 has given me the parent’s perspective of Clark. I thank Shaké for all her hard work as president these past two years. She certainly set a high bar and I hope to continue her standards. Shaké will continue to serve as past president on the Alumni Executive Council, so she will be able to keep me from straying too far afield. I would also like to welcome Ingrid Busson as president-elect of the Alumni Executive Council. She brings a refreshing point of view on alumni issues that help steer the council. On behalf of the alumni, I want to welcome Lindsay Allen to Clark, where she will serve as director of alumni and friends engagement in University Advancement. I look forward to working with her during my presidency. And finally, I want to acknowledge Ed Ottensmeyer as interim vice president for University Advancement. I have been fortunate to get to know Ed over the past few years and cannot think of a better person to hold the position. The University will benefit with Ed at the helm. People ask why I volunteer my time to Clark. When I was a younger alumnus, I did not fully realize the impact Clark University had on my life. It was through Clark that I came to understand one should take advantage of opportunities, always challenge oneself, and always learn. Doing this has helped me achieve personal and professional success, and motivates me to give back — to the alumni and to the students. I would be remiss in my duties if I did not mention the Clark Fund. Donating to the Clark Fund is not just “sending money to the University” — it is an investment in the future of our community and world. There are many students at Clark who would not be able to attend without your assistance. If you have not visited Clark recently, I highly encourage you to do so, especially when students are on campus. I believe you would agree with me how passionate and incredible the students are these days, and that supporting them is a very worthwhile cause. I like to think of my donation as “paying it forward” and assuring that our University can continue to be a high-quality institution. I consider the presidency as an honor because I get to represent all of you. I look forward to it. To that end, if you have any topics you would like to discuss with me, please feel free to reach out to Sincerely, Leo Velasquez ‘86 Alumni Association President