Education: Aaron Joslow ’05, English Major

Principal, Rally Point Webinars, Miami, Fla.

Aaron Joslow '05 likes to tell stories.

After graduating from Clark, he headed to Key West, Fla. to co-found and run a history tour ("Walk on the Wild Side") with his uncle. This was no ordinary monuments-and-statues tour — it was filled with stories about ghosts, authors, eccentrics and lost treasure. And it was only held at night. (It was Key West’s number one—and only—nighttime history tour, Joslow laughs.)

At Clark, Joslow was interested in editing and writing (he did both as News Editor for The Scarlet), as well as for presenting, teaching and theater. "It was only after leaving Clark that I discovered an area that had a high demand for that mix of skills."
In his current role, as co-founder and principal of Rally Point Webinars, he's still telling stories or, at least, helping people tell them. Webinars (short for “Web-based seminar”) are used to connect countless numbers in a learning experience by sharing live or recorded video, PowerPoint presentations and photographs.

Joslow is happy to point out that he can do his job "from anywhere." The company was awarded office space in Boston as Finalists in the MassChallenge, with everyone now working from wherever they happen to be-- Los Angeles, London, Paris and, in his case, Miami.

Making sure clients’ events go well is Joslow's highest priority. He works with experts in a wide range of professional services and helps them to effectively share their knowledge. As part of the job, he encourages clients to make their presentations “engaging and fun” by adding music, telling stories and avoiding overwhelming the audience with what he calls "Death by PowerPoint."

Joslow hopes Rally Point will succeed to the point that he can sell the company and pursue his dream to create "a cognitive behavioral therapy curriculum for middle schools nationwide, so that children who suffer from anxiety and/or depression have the choice not to."

He explains that he suffered from work-related anxiety from middle school through college before receiving help to overcome it. "I know the difference that kind of work can make, and what it makes possible for people — I’d love kids to have that gift so they can live the lives they want to live."

No matter what he’s doing though, Joslow carries with him a lesson he learned at Clark: "Passionate people can make a difference … [and] life's just more fun when you’re passionate about what you’re doing."