Cloth rolls

GSOM students offer sustainability research to leading international clothing brands

November 2, 2016

As part of an examination of the global consumer trend toward sustainably produced products, which includes clothing, Clark University Graduate School of Management (GSOM) students took part in an “Eco-Fashion Sustainable Brand Review” project in a Sustainability Marketing course taught by Professor Tom Murphy.

“The goal of this project was to engage students directly in a current and significant global sustainable branding issue. Several major global clothing brands were seeking answers to the following issues related to consumer behavior: How much influence does the use of sustainable materials in clothing influence buying; how do consumers rank different available sustainable materials for their clothing; how much of a price premium are consumers willing to pay for more sustainable clothing; and to what degree are consumers interested in recycling, renting and reusing their clothing,” he said.

Students were asked to conduct a primary research survey of 10 to 20 typical clothing consumers, asking them the questions Murphy highlights above. The students' more than 200 individual survey results are being sent to the clothing brands to assist them in making future sustainable branding decisions.