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"So what is it about mothers-in-law, anyway?" asks a Huffington Post column by the Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway.
Clark University Political Science Professor Robert Boatright recently wrote a blog post in The Hill titled, "Is the census doomed under Trump administration?" Here, an excerpt:
A recent article by the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, titled "Clark U: Views of Worcester natives, newcomers overlap," featured the work of Clark University's Anita Fábos, associate professor of international development and social change; Cheryl Hamilton '01, director of partner engagement at the International...
Kaner Atakan Turker, a doctoral candidate in Clark University's Graduate School of Geography, recently wrote a commentary titled "Worcester 2.0: An outsider’s inside look at the city’s developing future" for the
Clark University Psychology Professor James Córdova was recently featured in an article titled "7 Relationship Experts Share Their Single Best Piece of Marriage Advice," on Brit + Co, a lifestyle website. His expert advice for continuing a happy, healthy relationship is creating what he calls a "love map" to stay...
Page from the February 2017 issue of Real Simple magazine.
Real Simple magazine spotted Stephen DiRado’s Across the Table Series and used photographs from it to illustrate the first page of the article titled "How to Love the Hard-To-Love People in Your Life," a feature about family and relationships, in the February 2017 issue.
Climate Central breaks down where a number of federal agencies stand with climate and energy funding, what they spend it on, and what could be under fire after Jan. 20 when President-elect Donald Trump takes office.
Men who buy into sexist norms also are harmed by it, according to a comprehensive analysis published by the Journal of Counseling Psychology.
Corruption — of a variety of people, institutions and government systems — has been a common theme throughout Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign.
A recent report from The Boston Globe examines the rise of young adult visitors to Bermuda, a Zika-free island, and how officials there have taken a proactive approach to mosquito control for years.
While the spotlight has been focused on the 2016 presidential election, New Hampshire's U.S. Senate race between incumbent Republican Sen.
In an article in The Huffington Post, William Lynn, an ethicist and a research scientist with Clark's George Perkins Marsh Institute, looks at the research and moral concerns of the book "Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer," which warns of the "dire threat of outdoor cats (feral and tame, owned...
How do men regard sexist jokes in "lads' mags," the popular men's magazines found in Britain and the U.S.? Studies by Clark Psychology Assistant Professor Andrew Stewart, as well as colleagues at three universities in Europe, sought to answer that question.
Mass Live and the Worcester Telegram and Gazette both mentioned Clark University's role in a $327,000 federal grant for the Worcester Police Department. Here, an excerpt from the recent article on Mass Live:
The Texas Standard, a national daily news show, interviewed Denise Hines, research associate professor of psychology at Clark University, about male victims of domestic violence.
In a recent article, the Christian Science Monitor incorporated a quote from a 2013 interview with Dominik Kulakowski, associate professor of geography at Clark University. Here, an expert from the recent article:
Kara Fischer
Worcester Telegram & Gazette columnist Jennifer Toland recently recognized Kara Fischer ’17, a student-designed physical anthropology major and captain of Clark’s women’s soccer team, for her academic and athletic skill, as well as her work within the community.
Taylor Miller ’18, is a member of the on-campus club “Food Truth,” and actively works to promote the incorporation of sustainable food at Clark. A question and answer-style article in the Chicago Tribune highlights Miller's work this summer studying sustainable food on college campuses.
Students from Clark University, along with those from the University of New Hampshire, are participating in a new program from the College for Social Innovation, which allows them to recieve academic credit for internships in the social service sector.
Robert G. Boatright, professor of political science at Clark University, recently contributed to opinion pieces published in U.S. News & World Report.
Supreme Court Building
Mark C. Miller, professor of political science and director of the law and society program at Clark University, wrote a recent article for The Hill.
After witnessing the impact of the 2008 financial crisis and feeling burdened by student debt, millennials are reluctant to apply for and use credit cards, according to a recent New York Times article.
Over the past four years, California has lost more than 66 million trees due to drought, and now the state is planning to log dead trees to reduce the risk of devastating wildfires, according to High Country News (HCN), a nonprofit, independent media organization covering news of the American West.
Escalating tensions over China’s advancement in the South China Sea ‒ one of the world's key trade routes ‒ could have a major impact on consumers and businesses alike, experts say.