Seven undergrad 'diarists' offer student's-eye glimpse of Clark life

Seven undergraduates have been documenting their semester by contributing to the Clark Diaries, a series of personal blog postings featured on Clark University's Admissions website. The lively entries provide visitors and prospective students with a student's-eye glimpse of life on campus and beyond.

Shane Capra ’11, Magali Lemahieu ’12, Nichole Lopez ’12, Jesse Mattleman ’11, Sarah Surprenant ’13, Rian Watt ’14, and Gregory Wetmore ’11, were chosen at the start of the semester by the Office of Admissions to serve as Clark Diarists for the 2010-2011 academic year. 

Capra is an international development and social change major, with a minor in screen studies.  Capra is involved in the Clark Sustainability Initiative.  Capra also blogs about his participation in Appalachia Rising, a recent protest of Mountain Top Removal coal mining that took place in Washington, DC; how he and his friends spend the day of Worcester’s stART on the Street arts festival; and his efforts to recreate the Worcester FireCracker Book Library, a small community library formerly housed in the Stone Soup Community Center that was destroyed by a fire in March of last year.

Lemahieu is psychology major and an international development minor.  Lemahieu has lived all over the world in places such as Seoul, South Korea, Barbados, Myanmar and Vienna, Austria.  After attending the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, she decided to transfer to Clark where she claims is “a better fit.”  Lemahieu blogs about day trips to Boston and Rhode Island; President David Angel’s Inauguration; and the Shrewsbury Street College Shuffle, an event planned for the City’s college students. Lopez is a psychology major with a minor in sociology.  She blogs about her participation in the Clark volleyball team and the Scarlet Key tour guides. Lopez is also writes about Clark’s Social Entrepreneurship Club, experimenting with her culinary skills, and her first visit home.

Mattleman is an international development and social change major with a concentration in ethics and public policy. A senior this year, she blogs about transitioning from a student to an adult (she just started a part-time job at a local nonprofit). She writes about Ali Fedotowsky’s (a.k.a. “The Bachelorette”) visit to campus, and her involvement with the “Making a Difference” scholars and attending a Red Sox game. 

Surprenant is a double major in sociology and gender studies.  Her extracurricular activities include theatre and being a part of the Poetry Slam Team.  Surprenant writes about activities with Clark’s Outing Club, attending an improv show put on by Clark’s Peapod Squad, and visiting Purgatory Chasm with her family. Her blog also contains tips on how to take care of yourself when you’re sick on a college campus.

Watt has not yet declared a major.  He is the only first-year student keeping a diary.  A classically trained violinist, Watt describes performing with some fellow classmates at Open Mic Night in the Bistro, the atmosphere in the Academic Commons in Goddard Library, and taking a bus ride into downtown Worcester.  He writes, “Worcester rocks, man, and I’m living in it.”  Watt is organizing a bus so that he and fellow students can attend rallies by comedians Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on October 30.

Wetmore is a psychology major with a concentration in entrepreneurship.  He is involved with Clark’s Diving Team, then Student Alumni Relations Committee (a group on campus that acts as the liaison between the Clark community and the alumni) and the Army ROTC.  Wetmore blogs about attending a Blue Man Group show the week of President David Angel’s Inauguration, his classes, and attending the wedding of two friends (Clark alumni).

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