Clark University's Fiat Lux embodies mission, reflects tradition of excellence

logo 4.2015Fiat Lux. Let there be light. For more than a century those words have guided Clark University's mission to illuminate the path to knowledge, discovery and positive action. The image of an open book beneath a vibrant sun honors Clark's tradition of academic rigor and excellence, with a message both familiar and meaningful to generations of students, faculty and alumni since its adoption as the University seal in 1892. Fiat Lux is the official mark of Clark University. Today (April 22) the University announced that it is now also formalized as Clark's logo, replacing the “shield” design that has been in place since 2001. "The insignia connects Clarkies across the eras, while expressing to an external audience the intellectual drive and spirit of inquiry that are the University's signatures," Paula R. David, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, wrote in a message to the Clark community. The message continued: "Research commissioned by Clark University in summer 2013 across an audience of higher education peers, graduate and undergraduate prospects, and guidance counselors found that Fiat Lux connotes academic rigor at a significantly higher level when compared to the shield logo. The Fiat Lux logo change has earned the endorsement of the Board of Trustees as a truer reflection of Clark's educational values. "By reintroducing Fiat Lux we not only harken to our roots, but we send the message — clearly and unequivocally — that Clark University pursues an enlightened course of thought and action that exemplifies our motto: Challenge Convention. Change Our World."