Clark recognizes 2011 graduate for Leadership in Sustainability

Hannah J. Tirrell-Wysocki, of Canterbury, N.H., was the first student to be recognized at Clark University for Leadership in Sustainability.

Hannah has shared her love of the Earth with students in the Main South neighborhood, with the Worcester community and visitors to the city’s EcoTarium and Audubon Society, and by serving as a sustainability advocate on campus as well as in Washington, D.C.  She served as an Eco-Reps Coordinator, founder of the Clark Sustainability Collaborative (realized this year, this group connects campus groups to advance sustainability), a Leadership campaign member, an orientation coordinator, a peer advisor, and campus tour guide.

“Hannah’s most significant contribution is not in coordinating events or managing a student club, it is in bringing the consciousness of the entire student body to a new level of awareness and involvement in issues of environmental stewardship and sustainability – and making it fun. She achieved this by being herself – humble, caring, passionate and nurturing,” said Jenny Isler, Clark’s Sustainability Coordinator.

Throughout the Fall 2010 semester, before Isler’s arrival, Hannah served as a “green champion” and kept sustainability initiatives going and the Eco-Reps focused.  She encouraged campus student groups, connected and strengthened their missions, and stepped forward repeatedly to nurture and lead her peers in this effort.

“Hannah’s vision for sustainability is inclusive and contagious because she brings to it a warmth, a wisdom, and the conviction that all things are possible,” said Isler.

When Isler started earlier this year, Hannah introduced her to key people at Clark and brought her up to speed on ongoing projects. A full partner in the Office of Sustainability who helped strategize Sustainable Clark, Isler said Hannah provided her with “wise counsel, boundary-pushing inspiration and constructive criticism.”

Last month, Hannah graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in global environmental studies. She minored in geography.

Tirell-Wysocki is a 2007 graduate of St. Bani School in Sanbornton, NH.  She is the daughter of David and Sarah Tirrell-Wysocki of Canterbury.