Clark School of Professional Studies launches Cyber Security Graduate Programs

July 23, 2012

Clark University’s School of Professional Studies announces the launch of graduate programs in cyber security, beginning in this fall. The Cyber Security Graduate Programs are designed to address a growing knowledge and talent gap related to global cyber security challenges.

Cyber threats are rapidly becoming the greatest concerns for the U.S. government, as well as for governments and businesses all over the world. Unfortunately, cyber security is falling behind the threats that are faced on the digital frontier.

“This program has been designed to initiate and support social change through education that builds valuable regional assets to benefit our communities with expanding national and international footprints,” said Eben Berry, the lead for the Cyber Security Graduate Programs, as well as the President of Cyber Inspectors LLC.

Technology continues to advance at exponential rates across every industry sector and so too do cyber threats. Today, malicious cyber activity is unprecedented in its scope, sophistication and severity. That’s why the demand for cyber-security experts — professionals in prevention, detection and recovery operations — is projected to skyrocket for the foreseeable future.

Clark’s Cyber Security Graduate Programs offer timely options for students, career professionals, and organizations. The programs are built around curricula that present the latest approaches in countering cyber threats. Each class offers insight into the realities of the threats faced by information security professionals and others. The programs are ideal for students who want to find work in the growing field of cyber security, as well as for organizations that wish to send professionals and executives for additional training and certification in cyber security matters.

All of the programs will feature instructors who have real experience in the world of cyber security. “What sets our cyber security programs apart is that all of our instructors are practitioners working in the security profession. They understand the business value of cyber security,” said Dennis Wadsworth, the director of Clark’s MSIT program.

With growing threats to information security costing business billions of dollars each year, and with governments concerned about cyber terrorism, programs like Clark’s Cyber Security Graduate Programs are needed to close the widening talent gap in the field of cyber security.

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