Clark celebrates Olson centenary

From March 24 through March 27, Clark University will join with other Worcester institutions in honoring poet and activist Charles Olson, who  was born in the city on Dec. 27, 1910, and was an English instructor at the University for two years. The Worcester County Poetry Association is planning the centennial celebration, which will include events at WPI and Worcester State College as well.

"Marking Olson’s centennial"  - Commentary by Mark Wagner, vice president of programming for the Worcester County Poetry Association (Telegram & Gazette 3/10/2010)

Clark President John Bassett will take part in honoring Olson, speaking at the morning reception on Friday, March 26. Some of the country’s finest poets and scholars will also be on hand for readings and discussions.

For a complete list of events, and registration materials, visit the Worcester County Poetry Association.

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