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Students with moving bins in front of the Library at Clark University

Move-in Day Memories

Today is move-in day for the class of 2027 – More than 650 individuals are starting their incredible journey to become a true Clarkie! To celebrate and honor this special day, the members of the GOLD council took a trip down memory lane and shared their move-in day experiences (and pics!) 

With pre-orientation programs completed, and the all-campus move-in day in full swing, we’ve dedicated this newsletter to reminiscing about our unforgettable move-in days at Clark. From the excitement of setting foot on campus for the first time to the bittersweet moments of saying goodbye to family and friends, we all remember our move-in day.

Anabel Rigio '22, MPA '23, and Mallory Trainor ‘22, MA ’23, on Move-in day

Moving in to Dana Hall was one of the most exciting days of my Clark experience. Although so much was uncertain at the time, my roommate Mallory Trainor ’22, M.A. ’23 remains my best friend to this day!

– Anabel Rigio ’22, MPA ’23


Ben DiFilippi, ‘21, MBA 22 sitting on a bed in a college dorm room

Moving into Clark was anything but conventional: feeling sick with a bad summer cold, the shock of leaving my parents, and navigating independently after my roommate unfortunately decided to leave the university soon after the semester kicked off. Despite these circumstances, I was able to connect with the people on my floor (shout out to the second floor of Wright Hall).

In my once quiet and admittedly lonely room, it soon became an open door for people to hang out, listen to music, do homework, creating a community of first years navigating their new life at college. Some of the people that first came to my door have been my friends til this day, and I’ve thanked the unconventional move-in experience for it ever since!

– Ben DiFilippi, ’21, MBA ’22


Drashhti Bilimoria '21, MBA '22 

I moved in early to attend Connections, a preorientation program at Clark, but this photo is from Orientation Day a few days later. I was excited to meet my roommate and other Clarkies – also, the obligatory photo with Freud 🙂

– Drashhti Bilimoria ’21, MBA ’22


Adam Jamal '22 with two friends sitting in a college dorm room

The biggest emotion I remember feeling when first moving into my dorm at college, was a sense of excitement. I knew that I was starting the next big chapter in my life, and my family was here to help me begin. Of course, I would be lying if I was not a little nervous.

Okay not a little, very nervous.

Adam Jamal '22 with family on move-in day

I was moving into a new area and to a school where I did not know many people. However, I soon found out that everyone else felt this same way and we were all in the same boat. All starting someplace new and with a fresh start, and with boundless opportunities ahead of us.

– Adam Jamal ’22


Taylor Laflamme '23, M.S. '24, sitting behind moving boxes in a car

On move-in day I was shaking with anticipation the whole ride! I knew that my whole life was going to change that day. I was going to make lifelong friends here, a family away from home. I had no idea what to expect, but whatever challenges that were thrown my way, I could handle it.


Taylor Laflamme '23, M.S. '24, hugging her dad goodbye

I remember being so busy that I forgot to eat and was so hungry by the end of the day that I was actually relieved by the dining hall food. And on that day Clark became my second home.


– Taylor Laflamme ’23, M.S. ’24

Juliane Murphy '17, M.S. '18, sitting with Sigmund (August 2013)


My first time sitting with Sigmund, August 2013

– Julianne Murphy ’17, M.S. ’18





As Orientation wraps up, we’d like to wish the new class of Clarkies luck as they begin their college journeys, building memories and establishing friendships like the ones we had when we were in their shoes. For alumni who are interested, Clark is reviving the tradition of helping with the move in process — keep an eye out for opportunities in the years to come!