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Concentration in Arts Management

Why Study Arts Management at Clark?

You’ll Gain the Skills You Need to Connect Audiences to the Arts

The world needs the arts to connect with the past, hold up a mirror to society, challenge our perspectives, and offer insight into what’s possible. The competitive and changing arts and culture sector requires artists to effectively handle budgeting, marketing, project management, and professional communication by themselves, especially in the beginning years of their careers.

As a student in the Arts Management concentration, you’ll gain skills that are increasingly essential in the arts and culture sector. The program is designed to merge your interest in the arts with organizational management skills and the business skillsets you’ll need as you plan your career.

The concentration is open to all students in any major but is particularly suited to students interested in a career path in the visual or performing arts or business fields related to the arts. The curriculum helps you develop the ability to be your own manager. It also offers knowledge on the structure and operation of arts and culture organizations, preparing you to establish competent artistic teams and work effectively with arts managers.

This concentration also opens the door for students outside majors in the arts who are interested in becoming professional arts managers. You’ll take introductory visual and performing arts courses and gain an understanding of the techniques, issues, and challenges in the visual and performing arts world.

Minimum number of courses to complete this concentration: 6

Requirements and Courses

Hands-On Learning

You’ll have an opportunity to conduct an internship for credit either in the Visual and Performing Arts or Management.