How We Launch

Embrace the life and career you seek

Your four-year LEEP experience builds the foundation, then fuels your successful launch into the world.

Every experience you have at Clark prepares you to meet tomorrow’s challenges, from assignments that build essential skills in communication and critical thinking to opportunities that enable you to define — and pursue — your ideal career and life path.

LEEP is deeply aligned with the knowledge and abilities you will be expected to apply in your career—and the world and workplace problems you’ll soon be expected to solve. By the time you graduate, you’ll have an impressive résumé and capacities that set you apart from the competition when applying for jobs and graduate schools.

Your support team

Your launch into the world is a community effort. You will have access to a strong support system beginning the day you enroll at Clark and extending well past graduation. Faculty, industry professionals, civic leaders, advisers, graduate students, and alumni help you build critical knowledge in your field and open doors to life-changing academic, research, internship, and career opportunities.