Diversity and Inclusion Course

Why do we require a diversity and inclusion course?

At Clark University, learning and teaching take place within a diverse and inclusive community. We teach and learn from each other, formally and informally, both inside and beyond the classroom. We challenge one another’s beliefs and assumptions. We extend one another’s range of experience. We teach one another to see the world from different and sometimes challenging perspectives. We share one another’s concerns, and we respect one another’s dignity, regardless of race, gender, class, sexuality, religion, age, ability, citizenship, nationality or ethnicity.

Most of our Diversity & Inclusion courses have a substantial focus on issues of race, gender, or ethnicity, but others may address issues of religion, age, sexuality, ability, nationality or class. All Diversity & Inclusion courses engage students in the critical analysis of such topics as power, intersectionality, inequality, marginality, and identity.

How to satisfy this requirement

Every undergraduate student at Clark University starting with the Class of 2021 is required to complete a course with a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) attribute. Courses fulfilling other requirements in the Program of Liberal Studies or in any major, concentration, or minor requirements may simultaneously fulfill the D&I requirement.

Spring 2018 diversity and inclusion courses

ARTH 220 - Sub-Saharan African Art

CMLT 208 -  Her Story

CYES 250 - Social Justice Participatory Research Practices

EDUC 152 - Complexities of Urban Education

EDUC 281 - Critical Pedagogies

GRAS 200 - Sex, Love and Intimacy Across the Color Line

GRAS 201 - LGTBQ Social Movement In Global Context

HIST 182 - Modern China

HIST 112 - African American History to 1865

HIST 114 - African American History 1865-Present

HIST 223 - Civil Rights Movement 

ID 121 - Culture, Health, and Development: What Makes Us Sick?

ID 209 - Beyond Victims and Guardian Angels: Third World Women, Gender and Development

MUSC 235 - Community Music and Social Action

PSCI 161 - Women, Politics and Public Policy

PSCI 288 – Immigration

PSYC 240 - Race and Racism: Theory and Experiences

SOC 137 - Race and Ethnicity Across Borders: Comparing the Local and Global

WGS 120 - Popular Culture: American Orientalism

Fall 2018 diversity and inclusion courses

CMLT 125 - Imagining Latin Americas

CMLT 133 - Sexuality and Human Rights

ENG 180 - Major American Writers I

ENG 276 - Ethnic America: Literature, Theory, Politics

GEOG 240 - The Geography of Social Difference

[PENDING] HIST 163 - A History of Immigration in the U.S.

HIST 269 - The History and Culture of Business in East Asia

JAPN 110 - Japanese Pop Culture: Narratives of National Identity

MGMT 210 - Management and Behavioral Principles

PSCI 173 - Latin-American Politics

PSYC 050 - The Psychology of Prejudice

PSYC 171 - Social Psychology of Intergroup Violence, Oppression, and Liberation

PSYC 250 - Psychology of Power and Privilege

PSYC 254 - Psychology of Sexual Orientation

PSYC 281 - Understanding and Addressing Mental Healthcare Disparities in the U.S.

SCRN 214 - Social and Cultural Issue Documentary Production

SOC 252 - Race and American Society

SPAN 202 - HCH (Herencia y Cultura Hispánicas)

WGS 202 - Masculinities in American History and Culture

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