Transdisciplinary Curriculum

Breaking silos to solve global challenges

IDCE takes an innovative approach to graduate education. The student experience is a reflection of a world where problems are not confined to a single discipline.

The pioneering IDCE curriculum is designed to facilitate transdisciplinary collaboration around challenges that emerge through the interplay between domestic and international contexts and social and environmental issues. We take a problem-first approach, identifying a pressing social or environmental problem and then bringing together a diverse team of researchers and practitioners with the collective expertise to tackle it. As a result, the wide-ranging projects our students and faculty undertake don’t fit comfortably within a single disciplinary silo. Many of our projects build on partnerships between IDCE and community or governmental organizations around the United States and the globe.

Whether in the classroom, or working on projects, our students combine their own knowledge and experience with insights shared by their peers, who include health specialists, geographic information scientists, environmental scientists, international development professionals, and community development leaders, to gain an extraordinarily broad, yet coherent perspective as they work to develop actionable solutions and make new discoveries.

We organize our academic concentrations and our research endeavors around ten focal areas.