The International Development, Community and Environment Department is a problem-centered, transdisciplinary academic unit built on more than 35 years of collective field experience in North America, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

We offer degrees in the fields of international development and social change, global health, community health, environmental science and policy, community development and planning, and geographic information science for environment and development. These degree programs are organized around cross-cutting focal areas to emphasize our problem-centered approach. We serve a broad community: graduate students, accelerated degree student, dual-degree students, as well as undergraduate students via our majors and minors in international development and environmental science and policy.

The diversity of our degrees and focal areas is matched by a student body rich in different personal and professional experience and identity. At IDCE, students learn how to address complex problems and build community across their differences in approach, experience, and knowledge. In the classroom and in the field, IDCE students develop critical analytical skills, explore linkages between local and global perspectives, and focus on developing effective means of addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges.