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Clark students develop self-directed projects that enable them to delve fully into the topics that matter most to them.

Projects play a role in every student’s time at Clark, beginning with integrated activities that are part of our curriculum. However, our students often find they encounter intriguing ideas, issues, or concepts that they desire to study more deeply and intentionally through expanded project-based learning. Clark offers a number of avenues for student-driven research and study initiatives that enable this level of engagement.

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Many courses involve independent projects, where you apply your knowledge toward a specific topic.

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Directed Study

Directed study courses enable you to focus on a topic relevant to your academic interests.


Work with an organization or design your own project to contribute to the world beyond campus.

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Community groups and student organizations provide opportunities for student-driven projects.

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Research and internship opportunities deepen your engagement and strengthen connections.

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Featured Program

Steinbrecher Fellowship

The Steinbrecher Fellowship provides fellowships for Clark undergraduates to pursue original ideas, creative research, public service or enrichment projects, and seeks to maintain a vibrant community of learners.

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Scholarships and Fellowships

On-Campus Funding

If you’re looking to enhance your résumé by completing a research project or unpaid internship, you may be eligible to receive funding through one of our many scholarship and fellowship programs.

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