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Senior Leaders

David Angel

508-793-7320 |

Davis Baird

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
508-793-7673 |

Katrina Banks-Binici

Assistant to the President
508-793-7320 |

Jim Collins

Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer
508-793-7252 |

Jack Foley

Vice President of Government and Community Affairs
508-793-7444 |

Jeff Gillooly

Vice President for University Advancement
508-793-7569 |

Joseph Kalinowski

Vice President of Information Technology and CIO
508-793-7178 |

Lynn Levey

Title IX Coordinator and Assistant Dean of Wellness
508-793-7194 | llevey@clarku.edu2

Pete Mackey

Acting Vice President for Marketing and Communications
508-793-7441 |

Francy Magee

Associate Provost and Dean of Students
508-793-7423 |

Sheree Ohen

Chief Officer of Diversity and Inclusion
508-793-7351 |

Meredith Twombly

Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid
508-793-7431 |