Welcome New Students


How do I transfer credits from my previous school?
Credit information is available on Web-for-students. Approved courses that have been awarded Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) waivers are identified in your online record. Transfer courses will also be evaluated for major waiver by your major department chair. You'll be informed of these waivers when you have your online advising meeting with your transfer adviser. Your credit status will also dictate your class standing. You will be notified of your adviser's contact information after you have made your deposit. Your adviser will assist you in selecting courses based on the transfer credits you received. More information on the Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) courses. If you have additional questions about credits, please contact Academic Advising at 508-793-7468.
Why do I have to attend Orientation?
Our Transfer Orientation program is different from the program first-year students attend. It is specifically designed with your needs in mind, offering programs that are pertinent to transfer students. Our specialized program provides opportunities for you to receive focused attention and guidance from staff, faculty and administrators. You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow students as well as get acquainted with peers who have been specially trained to advise transfer students.
How was I assigned a Faculty Adviser?
You are matched up with a Faculty Adviser (FA) according to the interest you expressed in a particular academic field.
Why did I only get .75 credit for my transfer class?
Colleges and universities have a variety of ways to apply credit to courses. Some institutions operate on a 3.0 credit per course system while others award 4.0 credits. Colleges also may have different academic calendars that will impact the amount of credit a course will carry. At Clark, we operate on a unit system where almost all courses carry 1.0 units which is equivalent to 4.0 semester credits. The amount of transfer credit you received is based upon this formula. If you have questions prior to your arrival in January, please contact Academic Advising at 508-793-7468.
I took a class at a previous school that I feel should have fulfilled one of the perspective requirements at Clark. What do I do?
Academic Advising makes all decisions regarding which classes from your previous institution will fulfill Clark perspectives. If you feel a course merited a PLS waiver but did not receive one, please email your request for a waiver review to Academic Advising, along with a catalog description of the course.
How many classes have I already completed for my major?
Major waivers are decided by the chair of your department, who will tell you which courses you have fulfilled for your major. If you have specific questions about major credit, you may wish to email the chair of your major department. Explore the complete list of majors.
I just want to talk to someone. Whom should I contact?
The Office of Student Leadership & Programming (508-793-7549) can assist you in answering any questions you have about January Orientation. Specific questions about course credit should be directed to Academic Advising.