Undergraduate Admissions

Clark University. Challenge convention. Change our world.


Clark has the most incredible and dedicated professors EVER! They are super accessible and always willing to help...Professors are smart and go above and beyond to facilitate exploration of a subject matter. The Academics are what brought me to Clark and they are why I will NEVER regret coming.

collegeprowler.com 2012

Clark is a really great school for students looking to get a global take on their liberal arts degree as well as students looking to make a profound impact on the world. With special programs such as the International Studies Stream, students cannot help but find themselves with a truly innovative sense of globalization and the way each person has the potential to interact with the world. Additionally, Clark is very involved with the community it's surrounded by. Many students find themselves volunteering or working at non-profits, something which often results in a lifelong passion. Almost everyone I know is doing something that is making a difference. Clark's motto is Challenge Convention and Change Our World and students who wish to do so can really excel here.

Cappex 2012

What happens when you take the best of a liberal arts college and the best of a research university and mash them together? You get Clark.

Colleges that Change Lives (2012 new edition)

You don't have to attend an ivy to be surrounded by academically competivive and rigorous students. At this private university students work hard and take pride in their work.

Cappex 2012

With so many student clubs and activities going on, I have never been bored while at Clark. There is something to do every day of the week for every type of person, and if there wasn't, you could start a club and make something to do. On top of that, there are so many interesting and genuine people at Clark to hang out with, I have enjoyed meeting and being with them so much, and they are the people who really make the Clark experience.

Cappex 2012

I love Clark and the city of Worcester so much that I've been actively involved with the admissions office to reach out to prospective students. Clark is one of the few schools I know of that makes a point to have a relationship with the city it's a part of. I mentor elementary school kids once a week through a Clark program, and I'm helping to organize a program for local Bhutanese refugee kids and adolescents who need help applying to colleges and/or just want some recreational time every week. Some of the most positive and compassionate people I've ever encountered are students and teachers here.